Birmingham Plastic Surgery has always been committed to offering innovative, safe, and effective treatments for the whole body. For the past two years we have also been one of the only medical spas in the greater Detroit area to offer a ground-breaking treatment in feminine rejuvenation: ThermiVa.

Childbirth and the natural aging process cause excessive relaxation of the vaginal muscles, affecting overall feminine wellness. Discomfort or dryness during sexual intercourse, decrease in sexual satisfaction, and an increase in urinary leaking and urgency are common, and can deprive women of their sense of well-being. ThermiVa is the solution to help women restore their intimate lives by improving vaginal dryness, looseness, and urinary incontinence.

ThermiVa treatments use radio-frequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without discomfort or downtime. The special S-shaped wand, designed for comfort, gently delivers energy to the external labia and vulvar tissues as well as the vagina walls, helping to restore normal tissue tone and function. Results vary, but most patients see an immediate improvement with results lasting six months for external tissues, and one year or longer for internal tissues.

Dr. Karaca introduced ThermiVa to his practice over two years ago, and performs two to three treatments per week. Dr. Karaca explains, “Women of all ages come to my office looking to reverse the effects of childbirth and aging. My patients may be experiencing sexual discomfort, orgasm dysfunction, vaginal dryness, or incontinence. ThermiVa’s revolutionary treatment can give them immediate results that they can see and feel, with no downtime.” ThermiVa is a game-changer for women looking to take back their feminine well-being. Call our office today for a consultation, or visit our website to learn more about ThermiVa.