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Upper Lip Lift

Upper Lip Lift in Detroit, MI

An upper lip lift is designed to shorten the distance between to nose and the red vermilion of the upper lip . It involves removal of a few millimeters of skin just at the nose/upper lip junction. It can increase the size of your lips if you have thin lips or have signs of aging. A lip lift increases the vermilion portion of the upper lip or to reduce the distance between lips and your nose (the lip-to-nose ratio).

Dr. Karaca performs the upper lip lift as an office procedure, under local anesthesia . Though it can take about 7-10 days to heal, the results of a lip lift are dramatic and well worth it. No skin sutures are used and the surface is sealed with surgical  glue to minimize the scar.

Candidates for lip lift: As a person ages, the upper lip may lengthen and the pink-red vermilion might be reduced to a thin line ( We call that losing your lip ). The procedure restores a more youthful appearance.

For an upper lip lift, we look for a distance between the nose and the upper lip of greater than 1.8 cm. Less than this and you may only realize a small change or improvement.

Lip lift recovery: There is a 7 to 10 day healing period where the incision is quite visible and red. After this, makeup can be applied to camouflage the area. As the swelling subsides, the lip should look natural. Incisions under the nose heal with minimal scar.

Lip lift risks: You should avoid a lip lift if you are slow to recover or heal from a wound. Other potential risks are  excessive shortening, relapse, inadequate vermillion showing, asymmetry, and sensation changes.