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Latisse® in Detroit, MI

Say goodbye to the expense and hassle of false eyelash application and other cosmetic products. Latisse® from Allergan® now offers a permanent eyelash enhancement option! The desire for long, bold eyelashes is considered to enhance your aesthetic look. Common but traditional cosmetic solutions are temporary and a hassle. Latisse® offered by Birmingham Plastic Surgery gives anyone seeking sexier eyelashes a permanent improvement to their look! Birmingham Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Ahmet R. Karaca, M.D., offers Latisse® for men and women who live in and around Detroit, Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities of Michigan.

What Is Latisse®?

Enhance your eyelash growth with clinically proven, FDA-approved Latisse®. This pharmacological treatment is the only one approved to increase the length and number of hairs grown during the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle.

Available by prescription only, Latisse® must be used continuously to ensure visibility of results. This enhanced hair growth will eventually fall out in the natural shedding cycle. You may discontinue use of Latisse® at any time. Natural shedding cycles will eliminate impacted hair over the months following discontinuation of use.

Latisse® should be applied to a clean, dry face, preferably in the evening. Latisse® does not completely replace the use of mascara. Mascara may be used to further enhance the appearance of your new eyelashes.

Benefits of Latisse®

False eyelashes or expensive cosmetic products will become a thing of the past. Results from Latisse® can typically be seen within three to four weeks with the full results taking effect within three months. Enjoy the many benefits of Latisse®:

  • Defined results, visible in only a few weeks
  • Naturally thicker, longer and darker eyelashes
  • One daily application can provide permanent results

What Exactly Does Latisse® Do?

Hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes) can be effectively treated with FDA-approved Latisse®. Substantial improvements are possible and measured by increases in the length, thickness and darkness of the eyelashes.

How Is Latisse® Administered?

As with many medical spa treatments, it is important to have a one-on-one consultation about Latisse® with board-certified plastic surgeon Ahmet R. Karaca, M.D. At your consultation, you will discuss all of the potential benefits and side effects of using Latisse®. If Latisse® is determined to be a good fit for you, Dr. Karaca will provide you with a prescription and explain in detail how to apply Latisse® at home. To apply:

  1. Wash your face and dry fully with a clean, dry washcloth
  2. The applicator brush must be held horizontally and one drop of Latisse® applied to it
  3. Mimic the application of eyeliner to apply Latisse® to your upper eyelid, beginning with the inside of the upper lid
  4. Dab away excess Latisse® with a clean cotton swab or cloth

This simple application can be done easily in the comfort of your own home. It is still important to note that Latisse® is a powerful prescription medication that should be used only as directed, not at the discretion of the individual. Latisse® should never be applied anywhere on your lower eyelid and should not get in your eyes. For questions about the application of Latisse®, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Karaca and the team at Birmingham Plastic Surgery.

How Long Can I Use Latisse®?

Each Latisse® prescription lasts 30 days, and there is currently no required stopping point. Results will typically “peak” after four months of continuous daily use.

Will My Lashes Stay Longer Forever?

Discontinuing the use of Latisse® will slowly revert your eyelashes to their previous state. This change back will happen gradually over the course of multiple natural growth cycles that vary for each individual. It may take only a few weeks to return to normal and for some, it may take months.

How Is Latisse® Used With Other Cosmetic Treatments?

The desire to look younger and better is incredibly common. Enhancing the eyes is one of the most common ways to achieve this goal. Latisse® works to improve the color, length and thickness of your eyelashes. To enhance the overall appearance of the eyes, Latisse® can be a wonderful complement to treatments designed to improve the skin’s appearance, such as Botox® or Juvederm® to smooth wrinkles and the hollows beneath the lower eyelid region.

How Much Does Latisse® Cost In Detroit?

It is unlikely for Latisse® to be covered by health insurance policies. As a result, Birmingham Plastic Surgery offers financing options to make treatment more affordable. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are also accepted.

If you live in and around Detroit, Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities of Michigan and are experiencing thinning eyelashes and would like to restore their thickness, you may benefit from the use of Latisse®. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Birmingham Plastic Surgery.