The Keller Funnel

Improvements to Breast Augmentation

Keller Funnel Breast Augmentation


The Keller Funnel is a ground-breaking plastic insertion sleeve that helps obtain the natural look-and-feel of silicone breast implants. Many patients seeking breast augmentation prefer silicone implants over saline, simply because silicone implants look, feel, and act more like natural breast tissue. Traditionally, silicone implants required larger incisions and more forceful insertion than saline implants, resulting in more extensive scarring, more post-operative bruising, and greater risk of both short and long term complications. The Keller Funnel eliminates these disadvantages. “In my personal experience, it allows for shorter incisions, more placement choices, ‘no-touch’ placement to minimize the risk of infection, and less trauma on the natural tissue to reduce bruising and improve healing time, ” says Dr. Ahmet Karaca.